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Bell & Ross Replica Watches

Hublot is a pioneer in the industrialization and shaping of materials. Its new "All Black" Big Bang MP-11 features a 3D carbon case. This ultra-light material is made of a polymer matrix with three dimensional fibres. It was never used in Bell & Ross Replica Watches before. The case has been shaped from a race engine and reinforced with three-dimensional fiber woven resin. This Rolex Replica Watches mechanical architecture features 7 series-coupled bars and an in-line power reserve indicator.

Multi-cylindrical construction positioned on a horizontal direction guarantees autonomy for 14 days. That's two weeks. A masterstroke. This hour-and-minute display is driven by a vertical transmission, which presented additional challenges for the designers. A 90-degree helicalworm gear is used to tilt the force of the barrels on a perpendicular plan. This transmission system is very rare in Bell & Ross Replica Watches. Another unique feature of this innovative calibre is that the balance is transposed onto the dial side to create symmetry. It vibrates at 4 Hz and features a new index-assembly mechanism.

The Bell & Ross Replica Watches is ultra-lightweight and resistant. It weighs only 90 grams with the bracelet. Unique reflections and facets are created by the three-dimensional carbon structure. The smoked composite sides of this version allow the black PVD-treated mechanism and its polymer matrix composite box to be appreciated. Openwork 45mm case shows the engine-inspired architecture. The mechanical design is echoed by the crown and lined rubber strap that reflect the helical structure a worm gear. This new manufacture movement, inspired by motor racing, can be wound manually with the fluted crown or an electronic Torx stylus.

The Bell & Ross Replica Watches Big Bang MP-11 is a new chapter in Art of Fusion. It was born from the expertise gained through the 2013 development of the MP-05 "La Ferrari". The complex architecture of the movement was completely rethought in order to fit into a Big Bang case. This showcases its exceptional aesthetic and performance. Ricardo Guadalupe is the CEO of Hublot.

The new Bell & Ross Replica Watches Big Bang MP-11, limited to 200 pieces, is juxtaposed against its chromatic backside made from transparent sapphire. Hublot, the world's leader in large-scale machining sapphire, which is the Bell & Ross Replica Watches hardest and strongest material after diamond, has given the crystalline case curves that match the movement's cylinders. It is as impressive as the engine, because the sapphire case bulges out to create a loupe effect on the power reserve indicator.

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